Building Healthy Brains

Easy as

Easy as 123

for kids 0-3

When you interact with kids, it helps build healthy brain connections, especially for children ages 0-3.

In today's busy world, we all need a few reminders and easy how-to's. That's why 123 Connect with Me was created. Our Partners and Connect Kits show how connecting with kids is as easy as 1, 2, 3!



123 Connect with Me is a community movement to help families and caregivers understand the strong correlations between healthy human connections and healthy brain development.

Connect Kits, shared through the following partner organizations, are full of tools and information to help adults make easy connections with young children.

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Partners share 123 Connect with Me resources through their networks to inspire adults to have positive connections with children every day that feel easy, loving and natural.

Connect Kits include but are not limited to downloadable posters, handouts, milestone trackers, and articles written by early childhood experts.

Please use these free resources to learn more and join the 123 Connect with Me movement.

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